Artemis® VT11U 

Safety, Efficiency, Intelligence and Environment Protection

The Artemis V6 Robot uses Philips UV-C ultraviolet sterilization bulbs and AI technology to autonomously disinfect a designated area. Eliminate 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria with the touch of a button. 

Efficient disinfection

Efficient wide-angle disinfection and sterilization

Automatic navigation

Automatically navigating to the target place for disinfection

Obstacle avoidance

Real-time dynamic path planning in unknown environments to avoid obstacles

Periodic disinfection

Automatically start and execute the disinfection task at a pre-set time


Lidar positioning, navigation and obstacle avoidance

Voice reminder

Voice reminder during task execution to improve safety

360° disinfection

UV lamp power 180W, 360° ultra-efficient sterilization

Infrared sensor

Infrared human body induction system to effectively avoid unintentional harm

UV Disinfection Robot

The intelligent UV disinfection robot system is composed of a smart robot and six 90cm philips UV-C lamps. 

  • It has significant advantages of high efficiency, broad spectrum, thoroughness, no drug resistance and no secondary pollution. It is a kind of efficient and environmental protection disinfection product.

  • The UV disinfection lamps meet the requirements of A3.1.2 in WS/T 367 of the Sterilization Standards for Medical Institutions and GB19258 standard, as well as the high-intensity anti-virus sterilization requirements within the 270° range.

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Major features

  • Navigation algorithm, lidar and multiple ultrasonic radars are used for optimized disinfection effect and coverage.

  • Built-in infrared sensor and reminder audio ensure that it brings no harm to people or animals It supports remote control and presetting of disinfection route and speed.

  • Optical simulation is used for lamp layout to ensure the most effective disinfection intensity and effect.

  • Set disinfection time and target points in advance, and automatically perform disinfection tasks.

  •  Automatically return to the charging station to charge

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Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Professional optical design

The disinfection effect of the robot system has been verified by simulation of TracePro, a world-renowned optical design software, to accurately obtain the radiation illuminance distribution data in three-dimensional space, guide the setting of the disinfection path and time, and ensure optimized disinfection effect and coverage.

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Efficient disinfection and sterilization

  • Total UV lamp power of 180W.

  • No blind angle in the direction of 360°.

  • Ultra-high efficiency - during a normal disinfection, it can completely disinfect 57 square meters every ten minutes.

  • Flexible and variable obstacle-defying ability and walking route.

  • Sterilization rate of up to 99.9%.

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Safety, intelligence, and environmental protection

The robot is a great replacement of disinfection staff, as it can disinfect in public areas and narrow passages to avoid cross-infections. Also, it greatly helps to prevent epidemics, and reduce the threat of viruses and bacteria, reduce workload and risk for the front-line personnel.

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Application scenario

Suitable for occasions with dense crowds and large areas: factory workshops, office buildings, schools, warehouses, restaurants/bars, conference venues, cinemas, shopping malls, stations, airports, hospitals, hotels, and casinos.

Specification Table
Basic skills Sterilization method UV irradiation
Running track The client terminal sets the target point, and the robot automatically patrols to run
Navigation type Lidar + ultrasonic radar +self-built map control
Performance parameter UV lamp power 180w
UV lamp life 8000 hours
Overall size L450mm*W450mm*H1462mm
Sterilization speed 57 square meters and 74 cubic meters of killing area every 10 minutes
One killing area is about 1700 square meters, about 2210 cubic meters; killing time is about 5 hours, the maximum killing height can reach 2.4 meters
Sterilization rate >99.9%
Security system Automatic obstacle avoidance Automatic obstacle avoidance function
Emergency braking Emergency stop switch
Power system Charging method Both automatic charging and manual power connection, 3.5 hours
Disinfection working time 3 hours
Way to control 7 inches, IPS screen app & chrome web browser

Surface disinfection

  • Kill common bacterial colonies: it should reach 10000UW.S/cm2

  • Kill bacterial spores: should reach 100000UW.S/cm2

  • Kill virus: between 10000UW.S/cm2 and 100000UW.S/cm2

  • Kill unknown target microorganisms: no less than 100000UW.S/cm2

Source: technical specifications for disinfection

When the robot is working, people and animals must leave. Protect high-grade leather products, calligraphy and paintings from exposure to UV radiation. Do not look directly at the light source.