Artemis V6 Disinfection Robot

Automatic Disinfection Cycle

Set a disinfection schedule for automatic disinfection route completion

Custom Disinfection Route

Autonomous planning of disinfection routes. Disinfect an entire area or a specific target point

Automatic Low Power Charging

When the battery life is at the minimum, the Artemis V6 will automatically return to the charging station 

PHILIPS UVC Light Source

6 Bulb PHILIPS UVC lamp, High intensity UVC disinfection

Efficient Sterilization

Illumination power: 180W 254nm ultraviolet shortwave Virus inactivation rate: 99.9999%

Remote Navigation 

Local area network remote control via web browser


Office Buildings

Hospitals & Other Medical Facilities

Retail Locations

Public Transportation Hubs

Technical Specifications

  • Product parameters
    Product   Name: Artemis V6 UVC Disinfection Robot
    Model: Artemis-V6-T11
    Weight: 125.6 lbs
    Size: 17.7" x 17.7" x  57.55"
    Lamp  Model: Signify (PHILIPS TUV T8)
    power: 30W * 6 =180W
    Length: 3 ft
    Type: 10S16P 20,800 mAh/37V
    Last: 2.5~3 hours
    Power Adapter
    INPUT: AC100-240V.50-60HZ
    OUTPUT: DC 42V 5A
    Charging Method
    Automatic Recharge
    DC Direct Charge
    Charging Station
    Output Voltage: 42V DC
    Output Current: 5A
  • Control panel
  • ROS

Safety Precautions

When using UVC sterilizating robots, people and animals should stay away from the ultraviolet radiation area. Do not look directly at the ultraviolet light source.
The best disinfection temperature is 5°F - 104°F, the humidity is less than 80%. If the temperature is too high or too low, sterilization will be effected. 
During the use of the UV lamp, the radiation intensity gradually decreases. The UV radiation flux should be measured regularly, and it is recommended to replace it after 8000 hours.
When using the ultraviolet disinfection robot for disinfection, keep the lamp tube clean, and clean the surface of the lamp tube when the power is off.
After using the ultraviolet disinfection robot to disinfect, it is recommended to ventilate the room for more than 30 minutes.