Businesses Need to Adapt to New CDC Guidelines

The CDC has recently release new guidelines for employers to decrease the risk of coronavirus transmission


States around the country have begun mandating that all non-essential businesses to temporarily suspend operations, leaving only essential businesses in operation. Since these businesses are still open, their workforce is put at risk for exposure to COVID-19. It is more important than ever that businesses start implementing prevention systems to protect their workforce and the public.

Recently, the CDC has released new guidelines for essential businesses and employers to plan and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the CDC recommends, employers should measure the employee’s temperature prior to them starting work. Major companies have begun screening employees for abnormal body temperatures before starting their shift. Walmart has added body temperature screening to their safety policies and procedures as protections for essential employees has come under public scrutiny. Along with essential businesses, all the businesses that have temporarily suspended operations will need to have proper prevention methods in place for when the workforce returns. 

CreativeStar Solutions has introduced two body temperature screening devices that help companies efficiently and accurately screen employees before entering the workplace. Screening for abnormal body temperatures is one of the most effective ways to significantly decrease the possibility of an outbreak occurring. By taking this precautionary step it enhances employee safety, public safety, and will limit the negative financial impact an outbreak may cause.

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As always, all of us at CreativeStar Solutions hope you are staying healthy and safe during this uncertain and chaotic time.