Complete Solution

Thermal technology is new to most people, that is why CreativeStar Solutions offers a complete solution to help your business implement thermal technology


CreativeStar offers a Complete Solution with all our products to provide customers with the optimal solution based on their needs. Our technical support team works with customers at every step of the way, starting with an environmental evaluation, installation, API and software customization, training, and maintenance and troubleshooting. First, our team will complete an environmental evaluation to find the best-fit solution based on your facility’s environment and needs. Following this, we will complete the installation with live demonstrations and thorough explanations. Next, our team will assist with API and software customization to help customers utilize the products in the most efficient manner. For example, our team can connect the devices to an existing security system or to a more advanced notification system based on your needs. Once installation and customization are complete, the CreativeStar team will provide extensive training to help customers feel comfortable operating with the devices. Last, the team will be available for maintenance and troubleshooting after the products are installed in the facility. Our in-house technical support team of trained engineers will be available online or by phone for 18 months following installation to help with any and all questions that may arise. Our Complete Solution leaves customers with the tools and resources to get the most out of our products. As always, we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!