Temperature Checks for Schools

As schools begin to plan their reopening, temperature checks will be one of the tools used to decrease exposure.


Earlier this month, the Trump administration announced a push for K-12 schools across the country to reopen this fall with tailored measures. While many agree that in-person instruction is best for students, it is crucial to first have the proper procedures in place to ensure safety for children and faculty alike. The CDC has an extensive readiness and planning tool linked here to outline their current recommendations for a safe reopening of K-12 schools. These guidelines include tasks for policies and procedures, facilities and supplies, education, communication, gatherings for the daily/weekly readiness assessment, as well as preparations in the case of sickness. In addition to keeping a six-foot distance, frequent hand washing and disinfection, and wearing a face covering the CDC recommends students and faculty have daily health screenings, including daily temperature screenings. 

The CreativeStar Solutions Artemis Thermal Scanners can help facilities as K-12 schools reopen safely by ensuring all students, staff, faculty, and visitors have a normal temperature before entering. Our Thermal Scanner Systems can perform large-area detection to quickly determine those with higher body temperature. The T-Series products can scan up to ten persons at a time for rapid screening and sound an alarm when an abnormal temperature is detected, which is suitable for school entrances. Our products assist with the CDC’s recommendation of daily temperature screenings in an efficient and contactless manner, which helps slow and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in K-12 schools and similar facilities. We hope to help ensure a safe and healthy environment for teachers, students, and staff this fall. As always, we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!