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Creativestar IoT is a fully managed service that makes it easy for users to integrate, deploy, maintain, monitor, and secure services using IoT technology at any scale.

The following can be offered to customers:

    • IoT Lifecycle Management - Integrate, deploy, and upgrade, and maintenance.

    • Full Integrations - Fully integrated with other functions such as marketing, sales, customer relations, billing, monitoring and external systems such as email and cloud services.

    • Reporting - IoT operations reporting and real-time monitoring.

API Gateway
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Provide entire solutions to deliver the system to our client, from design, development, integrations, component selections to test and deployment.


We setup the whole functional teams with domain experts, project manager, designer, developers, QAs and devOps for the success of the project. We also provide the whole lifecycle along the whole process from development, integrations, build, test, release to production support.


Open source, technology and innovations are the key in driving this effort. We want to make sure we use latest technology with open source implementations in an innovative way.

Open Source - To minimize the development time and reduce the maintenance cost, we mainly rely on open source code, systems, tools and platforms. Our core system is setup in such a way that it is a platform to integrate many open source components to fulfill our customer's requirements.

Technology - We select the best technology for each open source component we use and make sure component can be replaced easily as technology progress.

Innovations - Innovation is the key for us to effectively glue these components together to produce the best over of all functional system in the IoT and AI spaces. For example, we integrate Google TensorFlow and other AI engines into our system. 

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